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Abby Hoffman

Member — Jurisdictional (Federal)

Abby Hoffman is the Assistant Deputy Minister for the Strategic Policy Branch at Health Canada. The Strategic Policy Branch — which plays a lead role in health policy, communications, and consultations — includes the Quality Care, Technology and Pharmaceuticals Division. The division's mandate includes identifying and advising on key health care policy issues, trends, and implications in the areas of access to diagnostic and treatment services, health technology assessment, and appropriate and affordable access for Canadians to safe and effective drugs.

Abby has held a number of senior executive positions in Health Canada, including Director General of the Women's Health Bureau and Director General, Health Care Strategies and Policy, and was the Director General of the federal government's sports agency, Sport Canada. As a world-class, middle-distance runner, Ms. Hoffman participated in four Olympic Games and won gold medals at both the Pan Am and Commonwealth Games. She has been at the forefront of the battle for the rights of women in sport and the rights of athletes for representation on athletic decision-making bodies. Since 1983, the Abby Hoffman Cup has been awarded annually to the winners of Canada's Women's National Hockey Championship. Abby became a member of the CADTH Board of Directors in March of 2006.