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Characteristics of Remote and Isolated Managed Health Care Facilities: An Environmental Scan

Last updated: April 18, 2018
Project Number: ES0318-000
Product Line: Environmental Scans
Result type: Report

CADTH undertook an Environmental Scan to identify the current context around the availability of essential services and equipment in managed health care facilities in remote and isolated communities. As these communities are often without access to the same range of health care services available in urban and rural centres, there was interest in determining what types of equipment and supplies are considered essential (by local or regional health authorities, or other governing bodies) for providing emergency and basic primary health care services in these community facilities.

The key objectives of this Environmental Scan were to:

  • Describe the characteristics (including level of services and staffing) of managed healthcare facilities in remote and isolated communities
  • Identify the key components of essential medical equipment lists used to supply remote and isolated managed healthcare facilities.