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Member Listing

The membership of the Policy Forum comprises one voting member from each of the federal, provincial and territorial jurisdictions as well as one observer from Industry Canada and one observer from the Interprovincial and Territorial Medical Directors group. The voting members of the Policy Forum are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the respective Deputy Minister of Health. Members typically have decision-making responsibilities for health technology policy formulation and implementation in their respective jurisdictions. Membership in the Policy Forum is designated by the F/P/T Deputy Minister of Health.

British Columbia Kevin Samra
Federal - Health Canada Rep Nicole Charron
Alberta Nina Buscemi
Manitoba Margarete Schulz
New Brunswick Vacant
Newfoundland Seamus Breen
Nova Scotia Anne Tweed
Ontario Thomas Custers (Acting)
Prince Edward Island Vacant
Saskatchewan Deborah Jordan
Quebec Jacques Gagne
Yukon Territory Shauna Demers
Industry Canada Corrine Guenette
Interprovincial and Territorial Medical Directors T. Ali Khan
Medical Devices Bureau Carey Agnew
SECRETARIAT (Non-voting members)  
  Ken Bond
  Cheryl Holmes