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Policy Information Documents

One of the responsibilities of the Policy Forum is the development of evidence-based joint policy initiatives related to the implementation, management, and decommissioning of health technologies.  Some of these joint initiatives take the form of technology-specific Policy Information documents.  The purpose of these documents is to provide a common evidence base that can be used to inform decisions about health technologies.  The intended audience for these documents varies depending upon the topic, but may include decision-makers at ministries of health, regional health authorities, cancer centres, regional programs, and health care facilities, for example.  Each of the Policy Information documents is based on the evidence and findings in health technology assessments and/or rapid reviews and is reviewed by an Expert Review Panel comprised of administrators, clinicians and others from across the country. 

The Policy Forum hosted a two-day Wider Table discussion on the topic of Personalized Medicine in Toronto on February 26th and 27th , 2015. The purpose of the Wider Table was to bring together a broad group of stakeholders representing provincial and federal health care decision makers, lab service providers, clinicians and researchers to develop constructive solutions to the policy issues raised by these potentially transformative technologies. The Meeting Summary can be found here: