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Hospira Plum A+ Infusion Pumps and Mednet Software: Guidelines and Clinical Effectiveness, Safety, and Cost-effectiveness

Dernière mise à jour : 5 septembre 2008
Gamme de produits : Rapports d’examen rapide
Type de recherche : Appareils et systèmes
Type de résultat : Rapports


  1. What is the clinical effectiveness and safety of the Hospira Plum A+ infusion pump and MedNet computer software compared with other similar infusion pumps and software?
  2. How does the level of free-flow protection in this pump compare to other free-flow protected pumps?
  3. What is the safety of the needleness CLAVE connectors in the intravenous tubing used with the Hospira Plum A+ pump compared with the connectors used in the IV tubing with other infusion pumps (from an infection control perspective)?
  4. What is the cost-effectiveness of the Hospira Plum A+ infusion pump and the MedNet software program compared with other infusion pumps and their corresponding software programs?
  5. Are there clinical practice guidelines that recommend what type of infusion pumps and software programs should be used to reduce medical errors and improve patient safety?