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Health Technology Update — Issue 9

Last updated: September 1, 2008
Issue: 9
Result type: Report

Welcome to CADTH’s recently revised Health Technology Update newsletter. If you’ve read previous editions of this newsletter you’ll notice many similarities. Inside this edition, you’ll find informative content on new and emerging health care technologies, in addition to emerging issues with not-so-new technologies in Canada. This revised newsletter also looks at how policy and health care decision makers are using health technology assessment information to help inform policy and practice decisions. This issue of Health Technology Update also includes an article on primary tools for colorectal screening programs in Canadian jurisdictions and current updates and links related to health technology assessment and clinical practice guidelines in Canada.

In this issue

Fecal occult blood tests

Provincial population-based approaches to screening using either the immunochemical or guaiac-based fecal occult blood tests.

Reusing single-use medical devices

Reprocessing and reuse of disposable medical devices — CADTH’s role in informing decision makers.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for pain management in fractures

CADTH’s Health Technology Inquiry Service provides insight on treatment protocols.

Selecting topics for health technolgy assessment

A look at CADTH’s health technology assessment topic prioritization and selection process. Health technology assessment south of the border: The Institute for Clinical and Economic Review — its founder, work, and impact.

Emerging issues in pediatric health technology

A brief look at human milk banks, the increasing cost of nitric oxide, biliary atresia, sudden arrhythmia death, and febrile seizure control.

Recent health technology assessment and clinical practice guidelines

A listing of recent publications from across Canada.