Reimbursement Review Reports

( Last Updated : April 2, 2015)

The latest CADTH Reimbursement Review reports are posted to this page. CADTH reimbursement reviews are comprehensive assessments of the clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness, as well as patient and clinician perspectives, of a drug or drug class. The assessments inform non-binding recommendations that help guide the reimbursement decisions of Canada's federal, provincial, and territorial governments, with the exception of Quebec. Implementation advice and funding algorithms are provided where applicable.

Brand Name Generic Name Therapeutic Area Sort descending Recommendation Type Project Status Date Submission Received Date Recommendation Issued
Cablivi caplacizumab Acquired thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (aTTP) Do not reimburse Complete
Somatuline Autogel Lanreotide acetate Acromegaly List in a similar manner to other drugs in class Complete
Somavert Pegvisomant acromegaly Do not list Complete
Picato Ingenol mebutate Actinic keratosis Do not list Complete
Picato Ingenol mebutate Actinic keratosis Complete
Sivextro Tedizolid phosphate Acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections Withdrawn
Effient Prasugrel Acute coronary syndrome Do not list Complete
Effient Prasugrel hydrochloride Acute Coronary Syndrome Do not list Complete
Brilinta Ticagrelor Acute Coronary Syndromes Cancelled
Brilinta Ticagrelor Acute coronary syndromes Do not list Complete