New at CADTH - August 2021

( Last Updated : August 6, 2021)
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Advisory Panel to Develop a Framework for a Pan-Canadian Prescription Drug List

An Advisory Panel has been convened by CADTH to provide Health Canada with a recommended framework for developing a potential pan-Canadian prescription drug list. Learn more.

What’s New in the Canadian Medical Imaging Inventory (CMII)

New reports, informed by data from the CMII, have been published recently. They include insight on mobile CT and MRI units in Canada, as well as information about publicly funded PET-CT indications (international and pan-Canadian comparisons).

The Latest Evidence on Stem Cell Transplantation for Multiple Sclerosis

Read our latest article in Hospital News.

CADTH Reimbursement Reviews

We recently issued the following reimbursement recommendations:

CADTH Health Technology Reviews

We have published the following:

CADTH Horizon Scanning

We have published the following:

CADTH Reference Lists

We have published the following reference lists:


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