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New at CADTH - February 2021

Last updated: February 10, 2021
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News and Events

Canadian Medical Imaging Inventory

  • CADTH has released the 2020 Canadian Medical Imaging Inventory (CMII). To view the full report and a summary of key findings, please visit
  • This is the third iteration of the CMII and it provides a clear picture of current practices and trends in the supply, distribution, and use of 6 key imaging modalities at more than 450 sites across Canada.
  • The medical imaging landscape is evolving rapidly. An up-to-date inventory of equipment can help with health technology management decisions regarding upgrades, installations, replacements, and decommissioning. It can also provide valuable insights into usage trends over time, patient access, appropriateness, and service delivery.

Congratulations to Dr. Renaldo Battista

CADTH Virtual Symposium Workshops 2020–2021

  • There’s still time to register for a variety of workshops running until March 2021.
  • The next workshop on February 17, 2021, has been created for HTA producers: From Lingo to Application: The Use of Confounder Summary Scores (Propensity Scores and Disease Risk Scores) in Health Technology Assessment Based on Real-World Data. Participants will better understand confounding and confounder summary scores, be able to estimate propensity scores and disease risk scores and understand their strengths and limits, and discuss their application within HTA.
  • Attendance is limited for all workshops, so register to hold your spot.

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CADTH Reimbursement Reviews

CADTH recently issued the following reimbursement recommendations:

CADTH Health Technology Reviews

CADTH recently published the following health technology reviews:

CADTH Reference Lists

CADTH recently completed the following reference lists:

Other CADTH Tools

CADTH recently developed the following tools:

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