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New at CADTH — June 2019

Last updated: June 13, 2019
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News and Events

Dr. Nicole Mittmann, MSc., PhD, has officially commenced her position as CADTH Chief Scientist and Vice-President of Evidence Standards. Learn more about Dr. Mittmann here.

The recording of a recent CADTH webinar, “A Tale of Two Heparins — Weighing the Evidence and Clinical Perspectives on Unfractionated Heparin versus Low Molecular Weight Heparin in VTE Prophylaxis,” is now available online. View it here.

Drug Reimbursement Recommendations

CADTH recently issued the following CADTH Canadian Drug Expert Committee (CDEC) drug reimbursement recommendations:

CADTH recently issued the following CADTH pan-Canadian Oncology Drug Review (pCODR) Expert Review Committee (pERC) drug reimbursement recommendations:

CADTH Reports

CADTH recently completed the following reports:

Rapid Response Reports — Drug

Rapid Response Reports — Medical Devices and Systems

Environmental Scan

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