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Nominations now open for Patient and Community Advisory Committee

Published on: January 28, 2019
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CADTH is currently seeking individuals with diverse experiences with the Canadian health care system for our Patient and Community Advisory Committee.

This newly established committee will provide CADTH with advice on issues relevant to CADTH’s mandate, from the perspectives of those using the Canadian health care system.

We encourage all those interested to complete a statement of interest by Sunday, February 24.

Core competencies for committee members include:

  • extensive lived experience engaging with the Canadian health care system
  • the ability to use personal experiences constructively
  • familiarity with issues in health care in Canada (at the community, regional, or national levels)
  • the ability to provide specific perspectives identified in the current CADTH strategic plan
  • the ability to offer a unique perspective that contributes to the diversity of perspectives of committee members
  • awareness of others’ experiences and views within a specific community or disease area; for example, experience as a patient organization board member, staff member, or volunteer
  • the ability to act with integrity, independent of specific interests
  • the ability to work constructively as a member of a team
  • interest in empowering patients, families, and communities to participate in health technology assessments
  • the availability to participate in meetings.

These competencies were developed in collaboration with representatives from patient advocacy groups, as well as the public and patient members of CADTH’s expert committees.

In addition to the Patient and Community Advisory Committee, there are many opportunities for individuals, patients, families, and caregivers — and for patient groups and Canadian communities — to read, contribute to, and shape CADTH’s work. You can find more information about these opportunities on our new Patient and Community Engagement web pages.