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Patient Input ― An Integral Part of the 2018 CADTH Symposium

Published on: January 16, 2018
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Given the theme of the 2018 CADTH Symposium ― Managing Health Technologies: Supporting Appropriate, Affordable, and Accessible Care ― which relates so directly to patients, CADTH is very pleased that our conference is once again officially accredited by Patients Included.

The annual CADTH Symposium is a must-attend health policy event that brings together a diverse group of stakeholders interested in the use of evidence to inform decisions about the funding and use of drugs and medical devices in the Canadian health care system.

“The Patients Included recognition is about more than ‘checking a box’ for CADTH,” said Dr. Tammy Clifford, Chief Scientist and Vice-President of Evidence Standards. “We strive to give patients a voice in all aspects of the Symposium, from planning through to participation, and create meaningful opportunities for patients to learn, connect, and collaborate.”

Beyond providing relevant program content for patients and caregivers, specific ways that the 2018 CADTH Symposium involves patients include:

  • Patients participate in the Symposium planning committee.
  • All sessions and presentations are also open to patients.
  • Patient representatives participate as plenary speakers at two plenary sessions (details to be announced in early 2018).
  • Patients are eligible to submit abstracts to the Symposium and attend.
  • Travel and accommodation expenses are paid in full, in advance, for patients or caregivers who are part of the advertised program (e.g., plenary speakers).
  • A Travel Award Program covers applicants’ Symposium costs ― including travel, accommodation, conference meals, and registration fees. Anyone belonging to a not-for-profit, patient-related organization, or a citizens’ group interested in health policy, is eligible to apply. Successful applicants will receive up to $2,000.
  • All patients who are not part of the advertised program and who do not receive a Travel Award receive a 96% reduction in conference registration fees. The remaining fee is required to help cover the administrative cost generated by Symposium participants.
  • An active presence on Twitter using the hashtag #CADTHSymp ensures that everyone — whether they attend in person or not — can share reactions, ideas, and opinions in real time.

The 2018 CADTH Symposium ― Managing Health Technologies: Supporting Appropriate, Affordable, and Accessible Care ― will be held April 15 to 17, 2018 at the Halifax Convention Centre; the Centre is a modern, fully wheelchair-accessible facility.

To stay up to date on the program, subscribe to our Symposium E-Alerts and follow #CADTHSymp on Twitter.