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New at CADTH — February 2017

Published on: February 13, 2017
Result type: Reports
Product Line: New at CADTH

DRUG REIMBURSEMENT RECOMMENDATIONS CADTH Common Drug Review        Brivaracetam (Brivlera): Epilepsy, partial-onset seizures HEALTH TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT PRODUCTS Rapid Response Reports completed in January 2017. Recent summaries of evidence with critical appraisals include: Buprenorphine for Chronic Pain: A Review of the Clinical Effectiveness ...

The Use of Osteochondral Allograft for the Ankle, Knee, and Shoulder: Clinical Effectiveness and Cost-Effectiveness

Published on: February 9, 2017
Result type: Reports
Product Line: Rapid Response
Research Type: Devices and Systems

  • Project Number: RC0847-000


Ankle Joint, Bone and Bones, Cartilage, Cartilage, Articular, Clavicle, Knee, Knee Joint, Patella, Rotator Cuff, Shoulder, Shoulder Joint, Talus, Tarsal Joints, Musculoskeletal, Surgery, allografts, homograft, homografts, homologous transplant, homologous transplants, allotransplantation, allogeneic, talar, astragalus, os trigonum, knees, kneecap, kneecaps, patellas, meniscus, meniscal, menisci, patellofemoral, shoulders, scapula, scapulae, rotator cuff, rotator cuffs, bone graft, bone grafts, cartilage graft, cartilage grafts, donor tissue, allografting

Human Growth Hormone for Depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or Fibromyalgia: Clinical Effectiveness and Guidelines

Published on: February 8, 2017
Result type: Reports
Product Line: Rapid Response
Research Type: Drugs

  • Project Number: RA0891-000


Mental Health, Combat Disorders, Depression, Depressive Disorder, Depressive Disorder, Major, Depressive Disorder, Treatment-Resistant, Fibromyalgia, Growth Hormone, Mental Health, Depression, Depressive, combat disorder, combat stress, chronic illness, Depressed, hGH, somatropin, growth hormone deficiency