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Submit a Request

This page is for individuals who want to request evidence on a particular health technology topic or to submit a drug for review by CADTH.

If you are looking for evidence, a good place to start is a keyword search on this site. CADTH has produced thousands of reports on diverse topics and all of them are freely accessible on If your search doesn’t turn up relevant results, feel free to contact a Liaison Officer for help. Simply select the last option among the choices below.

Rapid Response - Topic Request

This form lets us get acquainted with you and your needs. We will determine your eligibility to access CADTH Rapid Response services and explain how we can help you.

Medical Devices — Call for Topics

CADTH invites interested individuals to propose topics for future CADTH Health Technology Assessment or Optimal Use projects.

We are specifically seeking topics related to medical devices, diagnostic testing, and medical, dental, and surgical procedures or programs that require information for pan-Canadian practice, purchasing, or policy decisions.

Horizon Scan - Topics Suggestion

We appreciate hearing about important new and emerging health technologies — devices, procedures, diagnostics, and other health interventions — that are close to marketing or in the early days of use in Canada.

Drug Reviews

This section is for drug manufacturers and tumour groups preparing applications for the review of drugs through the CADTH Common Drug Review (CDR) and pan-Canadian Oncology Drug Review (pCODR). 

Scientific Advice

Here you can receive advice on early drug development plans from a health technology assessment perspective. This is a fee-for-service consultation offered to drug manufacturers.

Liaison Officers

This is the place for you if you feel like the first step should be to establish a helpful contact at CADTH and have a discussion. A Liaison Officer can help you get started on a solution. He or she can explore the availability of existing evidence or resources from CADTH (and others) that may be of help, and also determine your eligibility to access new CADTH services as needed.

If you represent a patient group or other stakeholder wishing to provide input into research, please visit the section of that has been dedicated to helping you with this.

Please note, CADTH does not provide medical services or advice to individual patients. If you have a medical problem, please contact a qualified health professional.