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CADTH's multi-year accessibility plan

CADTH is fully committed to the intent of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. We are committed to eliminating barriers and improving accessibility for persons with disabilities in a manner that respects dignity, independence, integration, and equality of opportunity. This multi-year plan outlines CADTH's requirements for non-profit organizations with 50 employees or more.

General requirements

Standard Requirement Owner Deadline Status Action taken
Accessibility policy Review and update the statement of commitment. HR March 31, 2021 Ongoing First draft completed.
Multi-year accessibility plan Create, implement, maintain, and document a multi-year  accessibility plan. HR March 31, 2021 Ongoing  
  Update the plan on website.   March 31, 2021   First version to be updated January 2021.
  Review and update the plan every 5 years.   March 31, 2021    
Training Train employees every 5 years on the Integrated Accessibility Standards. HR March 31, 2021   Train those employees who took the training 5 years ago and ensure all employees complete training every 5 years. New employees will complete the required training as part of their new hire orientation.
Reporting File compliance reporting online. HR June 30, 2021   Aim to file by March 31, 2021.

Customer service standard

Standard Requirement Owner Deadline Status Action taken
  Review and update the customer service policy setting out the practices and procedures regarding accessible customer service, addressing various matters including communication with individuals with disabilities, assistive devices, support persons, and service animals. HR March 31, 2021 Ongoing First draft completed.
  Train staff on policy every 5 years. HR March 31, 2021    
  File Customer Service Accessibility Compliance Report online. HR June 31, 2021   Aim to file by March 31, 2021.

Employment standard

Standard Requirement Owner Deadline Status Action taken
Individualized emergency response information Communicate with employees who have disabilities (permanent or temporary) and require assistance in the event of an emergency with individualized emergency response information in a manner that the employee can understand. HR/JH&S/Facilities March 31, 2021   Post annual reminder notices on CADTH's intranet. Include a letter in CADTH's orientation package for all new hires.
  Review the orientation package information and update as necessary.   March 31, 2021    
Processes to accommodate employees Review and update, as necessary, the processes for individual employee accommodation plans and return-to-work plans following absence due to disability. Make performance management, career development, and job changes accessible to employees. HR March 31, 2021   Formalize CADTH accommodation practices into Policy and related Employee and Guest Procedure documents. Update recruiting practices (i.e., job postings, interview and job task scripts, and employment letters) to advise prospective applicants of CADTH's commitment.
  Review the accommodation policy, related procedures, and employment processes. Update as necessary. HR March 31, 2021 Ongoing Include in employment letters that documentation in an accessible format is available (?).

Information and communication standard

Standard Requirement Owner Deadline Status Action taken
Accessible websites and web content Must conform with WCAG 2.0 Level AA except for criteria 1.2.4 (captions) and 1.2.5 (pre-recorded audio descriptions). WITS January 2, 2021 Ongoing  
Feedback process Must be able to receive and respond to feedback by customers, employees, and members of the public who have a disability via multiple methods (i.e., written, telephone, or by email). HR January 1, 2015 Complete Document as part of CADTH's statement of commitment found on the CADTH website and in our Customer Service Accessibility Policy.
Accessible formats and communication support Inform the public that information will be made accessible upon request. Work with individuals upon request to determine how to meet their needs as soon as possible. HR March 31, 2021   Update CADTH's statement of commitment on the CADTH website to highlight our commitment to making information accessible and to working with individuals upon request.
          Post a notice on social media sites and Facebook and LinkedIn pages that information is available in a variety of accessible formats.

HR = Human Resources, JH&S = Joint Health and Safety Committee, WITS = Web & IT Services

Created September 2020