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CADTH Resumes Scientific Advice Activities

October 7, 2020
CADTH is pleased to announce that we have resumed activities in our Scientific Advice Program. We are once again accepting applications for meetings that will be held in February 2021 and beyond. At this point, all meetings will be held virtually until further notice. Please keep in mind that time periods may fill up quickly and we may not be ab...

CADTH Announces Aligned Drug Reimbursement Review Process

September 30, 2020
Today CADTH has taken a significant step forward in making its Pharmaceutical Reviews program more cohesive, transparent, and responsive by establishing a harmonized review process for any drug product that is submitted to CADTH for assessment. Where there were previously unique procedures and policies for CADTH’s three review pathways — the Co...

Principles for Deliberative Processes in Health Technology Assessment

August 17, 2020
Deliberative processes in health technology assessment (HTA) were the focus of the 2020 HTAi Global Policy Forum; this new article summarizes the discussions that were held over two days in January. Dr. Nicole Mittmann, Chief Scientist and Vice-President of Evidence Standards at CADTH, was one of eighty participants from 22 countries who attende...