Dr. Nicole Mittmann, Chief Scientist and Vice-President of Evidence Standards

( Last Updated : June 12, 2019)

Dr. Nicole Mittmann

Dr. Nicole Mittmann is CADTH’s Chief Scientist and Vice-President of Evidence Standards. Dr. Mittmann leads CADTH’s shared science groups, including the Health Economics, Research Information Services, and Scientific Affairs teams.

Dr. Nicole Mittmann joins CADTH from Cancer Care Ontario, where she held the position of Chief Research Officer. She holds a faculty position as an assistant professor at the University of Toronto in the Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology, and is an associate scientist at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre.

Dr. Mittmann is also the co-chair of the Committee on Economic Analysis (CEA) at the Canadian Cancer Trials Group. Responsibilities include embedding economic parameters into clinical trials, economic evaluations, and guidelines development.

In her academic capacity, Dr. Mittmann has conducted and collaborated on notable research in the areas of economic evaluations, outcomes research, and drug/patient safety. Research methodologies include the examination of large databases, economic methodologies, and decision analysis.

Dr. Mittmann holds an MSc and PhD in pharmacology from the University of Toronto.