Workshop - Supporting Decision-Making in an Uncertain Future: A Hands-On Introduction to Horizon Scanning in Health Technology Management

Audience: Of interest to HTA producers.

Level: Introductory

What you’ll learn: By the end of this workshop, you will understand the role horizon scanning plays in health technology management (HTM), know about sources and processes to identify and prioritize horizon scanning topics, and be able to apply processes to real-world examples.

  • Jeff Mason, CADTH
  • Kristen Moulton, CADTH

Note: Attendance is limited to 25 participants.

Abstract: Thousands of new medical devices are approved for use in Canada each year and many more enter the health care system without requiring approval. Often promoted through marketing and media hype, decision-makers face uncertainty about the potential value and impact these technologies may have on the health care system. Horizon scanning — “the systematic identification of health technologies that are new, emerging or becoming obsolete and that have the potential to effect health, health services and/or society” — is an essential component of the HTM toolkit that can be used to support decision-making across the technology life cycle. Using examples from CADTH’s medical devices and clinical interventions horizon scanning service, this half-day, hands-on workshop will teach attendees: 

  • what horizon scanning is
  • the role of horizon scanning in HTA
  • common sources of horizon scanning topics
  • a process and framework for horizon scanning topic identification and prioritization.