Formulary Management of Biologics in Plaque Psoriasis

( Last Updated : June 30, 2021)
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Health Technology Review
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Environment Scan
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Plaque psoriasis (PSO) an inflammatory condition with a prevalence of about 2.5% of adults, characterized by inflamed scaly patches of skin all over the body. PSO is associated with lowered quality of life and serious comorbidities. First-line treatments include phototherapy, topical creams, and oral systemic anti-inflammatory medications. Severe disease that does not respond to first-line treatment is treated with biologics.

The first biologics reimbursed for PSO included anti-tumour necrosis factor agents and an IL-12/23 inhibitor. Biologics that target IL-17 or IL-23 cytokines have been recently reimbursed in Canada, and newer registration trials have included head-to-head designs with stringent primary outcome measures.

Given the influx of new biologics in the management of PSO, an Environmental Scan will be conducted to better understand the current landscape and to support potential formulary management discussions. This analysis will collect relevant information for payers including reimbursement status, data exclusivity status, a summary of Canadian Drug Expert Committee recommendations, and recent expenditures for biologics in the management of PSO.

A proposed project scope document will also be posted for feedback on other CADTH work that may be considered to assist with policy and implementation aspects.

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