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Medical Devices — Call for Topics

CADTH invites interested individuals to propose topics for future CADTH Health Technology Assessment or Optimal Use projects.

We are specifically seeking topics related to medical devices, diagnostic testing, and medical, dental, and surgical procedures or programs that require information for pan-Canadian practice, purchasing, policy decisions, or reassessment.

Once a topic is submitted, it will be assessed for appropriateness for further scoping. Topics most likely to be assessed as appropriate will:

  • Have direct patient-related health outcomes
  • Address an unmet need
  • Be approved for use in Canada
  • Not duplicate existing or ongoing HTA work.

After a topic has been selected for further consideration, it will be scoped for prioritization. Topics will be prioritized three times per year. Prioritization criteria include:

  • Impact (clinical, economic, and population)
  • Jurisdictional interest
  • Equity.

You may submit a topic at any time. Once your topic has been submitted, it will be assessed and retained for consideration by CADTH.

If you have any questions about submitting a topic to CADTH, please contact us at

Topic Identification and Prioritization Process

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