Dr. Tom Noseworthy

( Last Updated : April 14, 2015)

2016 Dr. Jill M. Sanders Award of Excellence in Health Technology Assessment

CADTH is pleased to announce that Dr. Tom Noseworthy has been selected as the 2016 recipient of the Dr. Jill M. Sanders Award of Excellence in Health Technology Assessment, an award that celebrates individuals who have significantly advanced the field of health technology assessment (HTA) and have been active in this research area for more than 10 years.

Dr. Noseworthy is currently a Professor of Health Policy and Management, Department of Community Health Sciences, and O’Brien Institute for Public Health, at the University of Calgary. Dr. Noseworthy has dedicated his career to improving health care, health services delivery, and health services research locally, provincially, and nationally. He has championed the development of HTA through many leadership positions in the health sector, the academia, and the policy realm.

During his tenure as both the Chair of the Department of Public Health at the University of Alberta, and the Department Head of Community Health Sciences at the University of Calgary, he launched graduate training programs to produce HTA-skilled individuals. His commitment to investing in students and advancing knowledge in HTA has achieved a lasting legacy, as the next wave of HTA leaders trained through these programs take leadership roles across the country.

Dr. Noseworthy founded the Centre for Health and Policy Studies at the University of Calgary, and led its expansion and transformation into the Institute for Policy and Public Health — now the O’Brien Institute for Public Health, which has become a leading institution focused on Canadian health care policy.

In his most recent role as Associate Chief Medical Officer, Strategic Clinical Networks, at Alberta Health Services, he led foundational work to enhance health care delivery in Alberta through the integration of research into clinical care. In collaboration with Alberta Innovates–Health Solutions (AIHS), Dr. Noseworthy developed the architecture for clinician-driven change through research and measurement, and created a new culture of integrated and grounded evaluation in health care delivery, which is a fundamental shift and places evidence, and HTA, prominently within the health care system.