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Conflict of Interest

Identification and management of conflicts of interest preserve the objectivity and credibility of CADTH programs and processes, and are intended to ensure the highest ethical standards and maintenance of integrity of the work undertaken and/or sponsored by CADTH. CADTH has in place conflict of interest policies and guidelines for all employees, external experts, committee or panel members, and individuals contracted by CADTH. All experts, patient representatives, and CADTH staff members involved in the CADTH Scientific Advice Program are bound by the conflict of interest policies and guidelines.

Conflict of Interest and Scientific Advice

  • Current members of the Canadian Drug Expert Committee (CDEC) will not participate in the Scientific Advice Program; however, past members of CDEC may participate, if appropriate.
  • A current member of CDEC, who has participated in providing Scientific Advice for a drug prior to appointment on the committee, will not participate in discussions, deliberations, and recommendations for the same drug if it is later submitted to CADTH through the CADTH Common Drug Review (CDR).
  • Experts, patient representatives, or CADTH staff members, who have knowledge of the contents of the Record of Scientific Advice for a drug, or who have attended the Scientific Advice meeting for a drug, will not participate in the review for the same drug when submitted to CADTH through CDR.

For links to CADTH conflict of interest guidelines and policies, please refer to Conflict of Interest on the main CADTH website.