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Type of Scientific Advice Offered

The CADTH Scientific Advice Program offers advice on prospective drug development plans to applicants.

The focus of CADTH Scientific Advice is on development strategies and evidence requirements for health technology assessments. CADTH Scientific Advice is provided from a payer perspective.

CADTH offers Scientific Advice on both clinical and economic aspects of drug development.

Scientific Advice may be requested on clinical topics such as:

  • Target population
  • Choice of comparator
  • Trial design and duration
  • End points for reimbursement
  • Statistical issues (stratification, subgroups).

Scientific advice may be requested on economic topics such as:

  • Population
  • Choice of comparator
  • Choice of economic model
  • Data used to populate model
  • Time horizon and extrapolation hypothesis
  • Utility values
  • Resource utilization data.

The CADTH Scientific Advice Program does not offer Scientific Advice on:

  • Regulatory requirements
  • Product pricing
  • Pre-clinical data.

In addition, the CADTH Scientific Advice Program does not offer Scientific Advice on the analysis of existing data (post-phase 3 trials) or on what existing data should be submitted to the CADTH Common Drug Review. For questions on submission requirements for the CADTH Common Drug Review, please refer to the CDR Submission Requirements or contact